Life Games


like both had won first prize in a raffle
they delighted in sharing with each other
life’s adventures in which he proved an ardent lover
of board games, tiles contrived to say I love you in Scrabble
on travels in their campervan before it was fashionable
and the hipsters claimed them. After years of father and mother
they took to the roads to rediscover
deserted sands, skinny dip lochs, the shock of an ice-cold paddle.

she can’t pinpoint when his laughter faded, the moment snapshot fleet
without notice he slipped away years before he finally went.
missing his cornflower eyes and mane of steel grey
she longs for him to rub aching bones, the bits out of reach,
and traces the raised letters on the dusty Scrabble board with bent
fingertips she kisses to savour his DNA.


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