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In your skin


Filling the vacancy with the best milky smile in the line-up
I slipped on the empty skin of the child you should have been.
Following with a swift curl of the fingers I seized life.

You watch me from the shadows. This imposter you allowed in
by avoiding the sperm, staying in the nest, being a good egg.

Make me welcome. We are closer than you can imagine.
Feel me breathe your breath as I fulfil childless hunger
and cleave the empty breasts of my other Mother. Your Mother.

and here I am busy living your life for you
snug in your kidskin, my past smudged and vague,
my name is your name. I had my own once.

and your skin fits me well. I grew into you and we stuck together.
You on a shelf in my mind, my constant companion. My ghost.

Perfect fictional daughter. Observer of my inadequacies.
Your laugh softer. Your body thinner. Your brain an A*.

I watch the children you should have borne
playing with their stand-in Grandmother.

Your Mother. My other Mother. Our Mother.


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