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Hotel Rooms


I wrote this poem after reading 13 ways to view a blackbird and took inspiration from it.

1. Brand new hotel room.
Waiting for whoever might pass through.
The interior designer won an award.

2. Route pre-meditated. Grand Hotel in his university town.
A quick injection. A Falklands surgeon. Lost.
Three children under five miss their daddy.

3. Arrived separately. Quickly tangled the sheets of suite number 3.
Dropped the key in the check-out box at 17:00hrs.
Receptionists’ glance at each other and smile.

4. Nursing her child and a busted mouth
She sinks into the warmth of the bed.
Temporary safe house from fists at 2 a.m.

5. A bare bulbed bargain hotel. Room only.
It worked hard through the night.
Her children will eat this week.

6. After the conference one thing led to another.
It meant nothing. They had to face
the walk of shame at breakfast.

7. Against the rules he once shed hairs on the bed.
The waiter fed him flakes of poached salmon.
No point in beach walks now. Except to scatter ashes.

8. Warner break. The years since
Club 18-30 have been unexciting.
But she smiles as he helps her unpack.

9. Checked in for a christening
they muffle behind blue bed drapes. Weeping
for their own failed round of IVF.

10. Hotel room.
DNA in the designer wallpaper that won awards.
Check in with caution.


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