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About me
Wendy Morgan-Gray

Writer, reader, and lifetime lover of poetry

Here I am, a sociable, dog-loving, introvert, ready to share my poems old and new with you.

I am writing new poetry while revisiting many of my old poems. I’m sure a re-edit will either improve them or a decision made that they were not that good in the first place!

Reading the poems and looking back at snapshots of my life…did I really write like that…think like that…..did I live like that…. did I love like that! It appears I did.

Poetry and me

Since the age of five, I have read poetry. I still have those first poetry books bought for me by a favourite uncle – and my collection has since amassed many more. I have a wide range of ‘favourite’ poets and topping the list is Erica Jong and Brian Patten and snapping at their heels is Bukowski, Cohen, Angelou, Brooke, Rich, and Duffy to name a few.

I love dipping into the Staying Alive series of poetry books too, I love discovering poets new to me and the books are well-thumbed and tabbed. If I don’t have much time to write just selecting a volume off the shelf as I pass for a quick poetry fix keeps me in touch with the life of poets and poetry.

I remember in my early school days meticulously copying out the poems of others such as Rossetti and Wordsworth, into my poetry anthology and I started to write poetry when I was around ten years old.

And what have the years since been filled with?

Interspersed with various poetry groups and writings has been a career in the Civil Service, and that’s a story as to how I ended up there with all those other writers and creatives, a family, and the various life accidents we all have. It has been interesting.

What am I doing now?

I have a new career as an Independent Civil Celebrant at www.thecelebrantspen.com  in Yorkshire and poetry has become a big part of my life again. If requested, I occasionally author a personal poem for a client’s celebration ceremony.  But every day I recommend beautiful and meaningful poetry and readings for birth, wedding, and end-of-life ceremonies. I get to read them aloud when I deliver the ceremony which I love.

On the poetry front

I have had a little success with poetry, but this was years ago. I was making the effort, and there’s no success without the effort I realise!

The poems will appear on the website at some point, perhaps with a few tweaks.

I had two poems chosen to be in an anthology of ‘Women and Work’ to celebrate International Women’s Day. I Won second prize in the then Ottaker’s bookstore for my poem ‘Skin’, which I performed at a prize giving.

I had several poems aired on local radio and ‘Holiday Treat’ was selected to be included in ‘Writing on Air’ an anthology by contributors to BBC Radio Sheffield’s ‘Rony’s Write On’. I admit it was quite a thrill to open the book in Waterstones and see my poem.

Getting back to poetry

Pre-Covid19 I was a member of a couple of local poetry groups that have since disappeared. One of the best things I did during lockdown was to join a poetry group online, full of talented writers, and run by the poet Stav Poleg Stav Poleg Poetry  I learned so much and Stav inspired me to pick up the pen again. Strangely enough, I found my style of writing and subject matter had changed. Under Stav’s guidance, I realised that I could write how I needed to, it was fine to be different.


My favorite poems and poets

Erica Jong

Brian Patten

Charles Bukowski

Leonard Cohen

Adrienne Rich


Please, visit my site –  thecelebrantspen.com Distinctive celebration ceremonies
created and conducted for you.


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