Solitary letters, forming words, give life to poems.
Breathe them in
Connecting and sharing through poetry.

Hello lovers of poetry and fellow poets.

Now you are here I invite you to lose yourself in the Poetry Lair.


Why the Poetry Lair?

The Poetry Lair is an anthology of poems written by me, Wendy Morgan-Gray, spanning tens of years. There are gaps when there was no time to write, though I have been known to scribble lines on the back of the shopping list as an eureka idea came to me. Probably many of you also reach for the ever-present notebook and pencil at the side of the bed, I even have a dim light that goes around my neck so as not to wake my husband.

Result? A wooden box of lines and stanzas all waiting to find their way into the Poetry Lair.

Have I ever finished a poem?

Yes, I have and I decided to take the plunge, create a website, and get them out there. Of course, there will be editing and recrafting of some. Did I really write that? It seems I really did! I even had a few poems published many years ago and have been involved in various thigs that have involved my poetry, but I am very much an amateur and have a lot to learn. At times, my writing time was squeezed as life events took over, but at the same time provided me with snippets for the wooden box.

So why am I doing this?

I love poetry. It is that simple. Both the reading of and the writing of it. The prospect of sharing it to a wider audience excites me, and I challenged myself to be brave.

I realised I did not want that wooden box of scribbles to become a dusty coffin of my words and inspiration.

I am taking the lid off it…. here goes…. I do hope you enjoy it.



Poems of the day



Autumnal pastures forming now,
The leaves are curling on the branch,
Green boughs once bent with lusty fruit,
empty now, stripped absolute.

Wood smoke, from distant bonfire furls,
Entombs me in this glorious world,
of heady smells and dancing leaves.
Then misty sunshine takes its leave
behind a pink and radiant cloud.

I sit, entranced, watch silently,
As tranquil nature feeds to me,
A taste of her almighty peace.

Passion breaking in the skies.
Sunshine flicks its tired eyes,
Through leaves fast turning gold and red,
Spiralling, to the river’s bed,
Reflected above and below,
A magic evening’s afterglow.

Nightfall enfolds me on the hill,
I feel you autumn. Wonder still,
At your beauty, your power to be,
A bronzed and golden deity.